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People want mental toughness, they just don’t know how to get it. We do. is like a fitness class for your mind, that helps you perform your best when it matters most. Each week, Certified Mental Trainers® teach you proven tools to achieve your dreams with a community of like minded people.

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  • How it works

    You get one unique topic/week (26 in total). You attend a 1hr session each week - whatever fits your schedule. Sessions are led by world-class Certified Mental Trainers®️. Here are the details:

    • You watch a 5min video
    • Get a meeting invite
    • Master skills in session
    • Connect in breakout rooms
    • Get a post-session summary
    • Access our companion app
    • See your monthly progress

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What You'll Learn

The Emotion Wheel

Weekly Topic #7

Anger Makes You Fail?

You are performing, you make a mistake, you get angry at yourself, and your performance level drops. Emotions affect memory, which affects confidence, which affects performance.

In the Emotion Wheel sessions you learn how your emotions accumulate to impact your performance level. You will start to perform your best even after multiple mistakes.

Arousal Performance

Weekly Topic #9

Want To Be A Rock Star?

The optimal arousal level while performing varies by activity and skill level. Someone performing at Wembley stadium needs a higher arousal level than an amateur marathon runner.

In the Arousal Performance sessions you learn the 7 techniques to control your arousal levels so you can increase it when you're tired, or decrease it when your heart is pounding.

Attention & Focus

Weekly Topic #18

Pool Noodles & Basketball?

Have you ever seen a pro basketball game? Spectators shake pool noodles to distract the players. Coaches can be heard saying “Come on, Focus!”, but not how to focus.

In the Attention & Focus sessions you learn the 4 techniques for focusing and maintaining attention on any stage. You will start to adjust your focus from broad to narrow like a pro.

Cognitive Distortions

Weekly Topic #22

Ever Blamed The Wind?

Our minds can convince us of things that are not actually true. You lose on a windy day and think “I suck in the wind”. Your coworker gets a promotion and you think “that’s so unfair”.

In the Cognitive Distortions sessions you learn the 8 cognitive distortions that harm performance. You will know why they happen, and how to avoid them to get better outcomes.

Overcoming Pressure

Weekly Topic #4

Ever Been In A Tornado?

Did you know that some people chase tornadoes? Even crazier, they love it! Pressure situations can feel like the inside of a tornado, and with this session, you will learn to love it too.

In the Overcoming Pressure sessions you learn the 4 stages of Stress and how to control it. Your Self Talk will become positive and factual, and your anxiety will not keep you from greatness.

Routines & Habits

Weekly Topic #12

Can Chocolate Help You?

Did you know that we operate 40% of the time on habit alone? That’s 40% of your whole day on autopilot. Change your habit loop, change your day. Perhaps with chocolate as a reward.

In the Routines & Habits sessions you learn how to be on autopilot even in stressful situations. You will become relaxed, attentive, and comfortable while performing.

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  • Trust in Dr. Bob

    The content in sessions is based on Dr. Robert Neff's 25 years training gold medal olympians, world champions, business execs, coaches, and performing artists from around the world.

    He earned his doctorate from the top ranked Sport Psychology program in the world - Michigan State University. In addition to his private business, Dr. Bob provides mental training for USTA Player Development at the National Training Center in Carson, California. Some of our clients and partners include:

  • PGA
  • USTA
  • UFC
  • Adidas
  • abc
  • CNN
  • Fox Sports
  • NBC
  • Michigan State University
  • Club Corp
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • BrainX
  • Blue Pacific
  • Brookhaven Country Club
  • Rob Noel Golf Academy
  • Rollins College
  • Brookhaven College
  • Dallas Community College District
  • Plano Independent School District

Client Reviews

Jacob Bergeron

Korn Ferry Tour Golf Pro

"I was 17 when I met Dr. Bob. I was playing in US Junior Golf Tournaments and I was underperforming badly. I'm a naturally confident person, but there was a depth of confidence and belief I was lacking. We worked together for about 8 months, combining my physical training with visualization and thought awareness, and then it all seemed to click. From one summer to the next, I went from no junior ranking, to #2 in the world. Working with Dr. Bob gave me a depth of belief that allowed me to play free."

Charlotte Chavatipon

2021 NCAA Team Champion

"Dr. Bob literally changed my life! I’m an all court player with a very strong game, but I struggled with confidence and frustration on the court which caused me to lose close matches. My mental toughness game was a weak link but now it is one of my biggest assets. The cool thing is these skills go way beyond a tennis court and become life skills. I used to get easily irritated and would hold grudges. Now, I’m better at picking my battles and I look for solutions instead of focusing on problems."

Cody Bateman

CEO of GenH2

" made my latest startup a lot easier and less stressful. You can’t do the same thing with each company. There is no set formula. You really need to think outside the box, which is what I love about - it makes you think differently. I love its structured approach of small, live group sessions. You meet with people from all walks of life be it small companies, large companies or athletes. The diversity of perspectives has been incredibly valuable to me."

Emilio Nava

ATP Pro Tennis Player

"I sought out mental toughness training because I had a bad temper on court. I’m a very aggressive player and I knew telling myself to be positive wasn’t enough. Mental training was hard in the beginning. The mental skills I learned from Dr. Bob helped the way I bounced back from mistakes. Mental toughness doesn’t just come with age or experience. It’s just like physical fitness and needs to be trained daily. To play your best, you learn to rely on your muscles AND your mental memory."

James Mutrie

CEO of Switchback

“As a golfer, the skills I’m learning from Dr. Bob, like awareness, recognition, and quieting the mind, have transferred over to my business, whether it’s negotiating a large transaction or speaking to a large group. These mental skills are incredibly valuable to anyone in business who is a decision-maker or is in sales or a competitive role. This training helped me overcome the game of what-if. I find myself enjoying my business more and having breakthroughs in my golf game."

Frankie DiMartino

Pro MMA Fighter

"I’ve been wrestling since I was 5, specializing in jiu jitsu. My first pro MMA fight went terribly - I got knocked out and left on a stretcher. I had a series of wins and losses but my nerves were debilitating and I couldn’t get my anxiety under control. I knew if I wanted to go on, I had to do something. I found MTI and Dr. Bob, who taught me techniques and the skills I needed to quiet my mind, get calm and stay in the present. I wish more people knew about the skills MTI teaches and what it can do for you."

"MTI Understands what golfers need to develop mental toughness."

- Cameron McCormick, Former Coach of Pro Golfer Jordan Spieth

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As a Bay Club Member, is free for 7 days, then 25% off your first 2 months ($74/mo). Offer ends April 30.

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"The mental part is what separates the good from the great."

- Michael Jordan

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As a Bay Club Member, is free for 7 days, then 25% off your first 2 months ($74/mo). Offer ends April 30.

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  • As a Bay Club Member, is free for 7 days, then 25% off your first 2 months ($74/mo). Offer ends April 30.
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"Success is more mental than physical."

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As a Bay Club Member, is free for 7 days, then 25% off your first 2 months ($74/mo). Offer ends April 30.

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